What is the Super Snoopers Multi-Use Curriculum Program?

The Super Snoopers program provides an extraordinary opportunity for children to gather and learn how to use God’s Word to help them every day! The Super Snoopers program is very adaptable to meet your needs. It can be used for a variety of programs in the church in addition to a Homeschool program.

The Super Snoopers program incorporates the wonderful characters and DVD developed by Jon Nappa into a dynamite learning extravaganza. Participants will learn how to use the Bible for daily needs and leaders are provided with an adaptable program that is easy to use and customize for any church program experience.

The program flexibility allows you to add your own touches and modify the materials to create the perfect program that you need. There are more than enough materials to create a variety of great experiences that children will never forget!

The Super Snoopers curriculum provides you with an excellent opportunity to encourage children to learn, use, and value God’s Word and then use it as a resource every day. This will give children a chance to personalize God’s messages, apply them t o their lives, and eventually pass on their knowledge and faith from generation to generation!