“Since Poutndoubt moved to the cryin’ islands off the shores of Wellsley, Phoney-Baloney wisdom has been spreading. The once peaceful town has had to deal with some major problems. Gossip, Pride, Selfishness, you name it, Old Mr. Poutndoubt has sent one nasty blooper after another to mess with everything.

That’s where Detectives Burt and Squirt, Professor Noodle and the Picadilly Kids come in. They’re Super Snoopers and they use their quasi-digital, retro-mechanical devices to gather clues, name the problems, find the antidotes and search the Bible for helpful scriptures to bring back to each situation. Equipped with powerful Bible truth, they send the Bloopers back to Old Mr. Poutndoubt’s castle with smashing success. Burt, Squirt, Noodle and the Picadilly Kids are all Truth Sleuths and you can be, too! So join them on this and each exciting adventure of The Super Snoopers! There’s always a new case coming up …”

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