Submit a P.A.W. Print

P.A.W. is a top secret code word for Snoopers. It stands for the three top missions of the Snoopers: Problem, Antidote and Word.

A P.A.W Print is a solved case with a known problem, antidote and word.



Why should YOU submit a P.A.W. Print?

Submitting a P.A.W Print you discovered on your own is one way you can help Burt & Squirt stop the spread of Phoney-Baloney Wisdom, and become an official Super Snooper! It’s your chance to share what you’ve learned with Snoopers around the world!

Your P.A.W. Print will be automatically entered into the monthly P.A.W. Print Wall of Fame contest where, if your submission is selected, you will win Super Snooper gear and have your P.A.W. Print posted online.

P.A.W. Print Submission Form

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