Agency – Burt and Squirt’s headquarters on their estate Skyview, which looks over Wellsley. Before PoutnDoubt showed up, the two detectives had tons of fancy gadgets but didn’t have much use for them.

Antidote – An attitude or value that helps a problem! Snooper Objective #2 is to find the Antidote. Once you give an antidote a name, you can search for the truth about this antidote in the Bible.

Bible – A big book with 66 books in it. Because it’s so big, you need to learn where to look. That’s what being a Super Snooper is all about!

Bloopers – 1) a mistake 2) Poutndoubt’s group of nasty villains. Poudndoubt sends these bad guys into Wellsley to spread phoney-baloney wisdom. Each Blooper has a specialty. For instance, citizens of Wellsley may encounter the Pride of Doctor Heckle or the Lies of Dr. DeDe Seaver. 3) Related expression: Being Bloopered: this means falling into a trap or coming under the influence of a Blooper.

Clue Collecting Magnifier – Burt’s favorite high-tech gadget device. This Magnifier enhances both the sound and image of something going on far away. It’s perfect for helping identify problems in Wellsley (if you can understand what you’re witnessing).

Clues – Anything out of the ordinary that seems to be causing difficulty in Wellsley. Once enough clues are gathered, a problem might be discovered and named.

Goodwill – Wishing the best for others. This is gracious and good and what the Snoopers are all about!

P.A.W. – 1) top secret code word for Snoopers. It stands for the three top missions of the Snoopers: Problem – Antidote – Word. 2) Related expression: P.A.W Print – Also code language that refers to a solved case with a known problem, antidote and word.

Picadilly – 1) Wellsley’s orphanage run by Lady Latimer. 2) Related expression: The Picadilly Kids: these are the orphans who live at the orphanage and help Burt and Squirt. They also keep Lady Latimer busy!

Problem – Anything that ruins the peace in Wellsley. Snooper Objective #1 is to give a name to any problem at hand. If you can name it, you can begin to find a solution.

Selfishness – Caring only about you. Remember, doing it all for you means nothing remains for anyone else.

Selflessness – Caring about others more than you.

Sharing – Giving what you have to help others.

Sleuth – Detective.

Snooper – 1) Someone who searches. 2) Burt and Squirt’s last name. 3) Anyone who helps Burt and Squirt do their work. 4) Related expressions designating various ranks of Snoopers: Super Snooper – Snooper Trooper – Truth Sleuth.

Wellsley – 1) The name of the town where Burt, Squirt and all of their friends live. It’s a nice town filled with interesting people. Maybe it’s something like the town where you live. 2) Related expression: Whenever things turn out well, many locals (people who live in Wellsley) like to say, “All’s Wellsley that ends Wellsley!”

Word – 1) the Bible 2) the Scriptures 3) the instructions, warnings, wisdom, and promises of God as found in the Bible. 4) Related Expression: Word-hound – sometimes used to describe Snoopers who really love quoting the Word.

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